PaMu Scroll Plus True Wireless Bluetooth Headset Reviews

In recent years, more and more different brands have launched true wireless headphones on the market, with prices ranging from dozens to several hundred dollars. Among them, the price of PaMu Scroll Plus true wireless Bluetooth headsets is only entry-level $89, which is more than worth buying? We just have one on hand, let’s try it out of the box now and introduce you in detail.

PaMu Scroll Plus True Wireless Bluetooth Headset Reviews

PaMu Scroll Plus true wireless Bluetooth headset uses Qualcomm QCC3020 chip and supports Bluetooth 5.0. It also has aptx and CVC noise reduction functions. There is definitely a certain guarantee in terms of sound quality. The high and low bass effects are also good. If it is an entry-level headset, , It will be the best one in the same class, and the Bluetooth 5.0 connection is relatively stable and is not susceptible to interference and disconnected.

PaMu Scroll Plus is special in that it can be used separately from the left and right earphones. This is obviously different from the earlier Bluetooth headsets. One of them needs to be used as a host. This connection method makes it easy to wear and listen to music during work. Can not speak to other colleagues. Due to the IPX6 waterproof level of the headset, the sweat from the exercise will not splash when it rains, which will damage the headset.

In addition, PaMu Scroll Plus supports the call function. You can answer or play / pause music by just touching the body, and you can even call the intelligent voice assistant by clicking. has an impressive product portfolio, including a completely new model of PaMu Slide Mini (a range of in-ear TWS headphones, mini versions of PaMu Slide), PaMu Slide Plus, PaMu Scroll Plus, Tempo T5, PaMu X13, PaMu X12 and so on.

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