Padmate True Wireless Headphones PaMu Slide Customer Reviews

Like most true wireless earphones, PaMu Slide can automatically turn on when they are taken out of the charging case! There is no need to use physical buttons to turn on the power. After the first pairing is completed, each time you remove the earphones from the charging case, it will automatically connect and turn off when put them in the charging case, it will automatically shut down and disconnect. In order to ensure the stability of the connection, the PaMu Slide equipped Bluetooth 5.0 technology, supports aptX and AAC decoding, and is compatible with SBC. In addition, the headset also integrates LDS wireless technology, which has better performance than traditional core antennas and more stable signals, making the connection stability of the headset more reliable, and avoiding disconnection and freeze of music and calls.

New Airpods Killer TWS Headphones - PaMu Slide

In terms of earphone audio, PaMu Slide use a 6mm dynamic coil diaphragm unit. The official also gives an audio comparison chart with AirPods2. It can be seen that PaMu Slide is better in terms of three-frequency equalization. How about the actual listening feeling? I am also listened to the headphones for a while. On the bass, the sense of volume is very obvious. It can bring me a good sense of immersion. Without the kind of headshot, it is shocking and can dive. Going down, the rebound speed is not bad, and I can feel the sound of listening to the electronic music; at the intermediate frequency, the sense of hierarchy is pretty good. After listening for a long time, both male and female voices are more moderate and close, which can bring good music to users Atmosphere; high-frequency analysis is also resistant to hearing, clear and bright. In general, the sound quality of PaMu Slide is indeed better than many other wireless headphones sale on the market. It can fully meet my daily listening needs such as music and drama.

Padmate PaMu Slide is integrated into the touch control area in the upper part of the headphone handle, that is, it supports touch operations. This is also Xiaoxin’s favorite interaction method. The headset supports three touch operations: click, double-click, and long-press, such as music. Pause / play, call out voice assistants (such as calling out Xiaoai classmates), answer / reject calls, etc. It is worth mentioning that: PaMu Slide can increase or decrease the volume on the headset. Press and hold the left ear to decrease the volume, and press and hold the right ear to increase the volume. The operation process is moderately sensitive. After you are familiar with the operation, you will slowly like the PaMu. Touch of Slide, praise. PaMu Slide uses dual microphone intelligent noise reduction technology. There is also an auxiliary microphone on the top of the back of the headset. The main microphone is responsible for picking up the sound of the call. The auxiliary microphone plays the role of physical active inversion to eliminate noise reduction. It can really be clearer in actual experience. When I hear the other person talking, the environmental noise is basically inaudible.

New Airpods Killer TWS Headphones - PaMu Slide

The Padmate PaMu Slide has a built-in 85mAh battery, coupled with the low power consumption of the QCC3020 chip, making this headset can reach 10 hours in a single battery. This result is already very good! With a 2000mAh charging box, Provides 5 recharges and a total battery life of nearly 60 hours. The earphone cavity shell adopts the ultrasonic welding process, and realizes IPX 6 waterproof technology from the design, structure and process, which can meet the needs of daily sports life. There is no need to worry about any cruel weather such as sweating or rain, but not Soak in water.

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