PaMu Scroll Detailed Reviews

True wireless headphones are an emerging trend in recent times with the participation of many big players in the audio industry such as Sony or Apple, Bose, … These models often have quite a price high, comes with the outstanding features & technologies such as the ability to synchronize audio connections between 2 housing, the operation & intelligent control gestures to replace the control key cluster on ear models.

Padmate, seems to be a sound company born with the mission of bringing all those technologies in one product at a cheap price. The company’s latest product, PaMu Scroll, with many valuable improvements to inherit the success of its predecessor, the successful PaMu X13, has been raised with an impressive amount of more than $ 3 million. . Let’s see how this product deserves to inherit the previous generation.

Open Pamu Scroll box:

The case of PaMu Scroll covers the familiar design compared to the older generation, with the main white tones. The front is the product image corresponding to the color, here I have the “Glory Edition” color version. In addition, the upper left corner also has a product name and a very special feature available on PaMu Scroll: Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

PaMu Scroll Detailed Reviews

The top & bottom edges are completely empty. 2 sides of the box labeled “Padmate” brand name.

The back side prints some outstanding features, color version, carrier information along with the serial number of the product. Simple, intuitive, not too confusing information as on the box of most products now.

Inside the box includes 2 earphones, 1 case for charging, ear plugs with 2 different sizes (not including 1 set on the ear), 1 standard charging cable Micro-USB & 1 book User manuals.

Pamu Scroll Design & Ear:

Case product is the biggest highlight. Unlike other True Wireless earphones that are mostly equipped with plastic case, PaMu Scroll has a case made from leather, extremely high-end & outstanding. It is hard to believe that a cheap True Wireless headset is equipped with a case that is even more beautiful and outstanding than other expensive earphones. The skin is finished outside very delicate and meticulous, the lines are only very sharp.

PaMu Scroll: Are the TWS Earphones Really Worth?

There are 4 different color versions including: Rock’n’Roll, Graphene, Glory Edition, Sakura. Each color represents a unique personality for the owner, giving you the freedom to choose.

The left edge of the case is where the Micro-USB charging port is located. This area is finished from plastic with concentric striations of the same color as the product, contributing to creating accents even in any viewing angle.

The right edge also has a synchronous design with the left edge. This is also the place to put the remaining battery capacity notification light on the matte black plastic strip surrounding the concentric circle, with 4 blue LEDs to display the remaining battery capacity. Looking at the dark night, the lights glowed so I thought of the devices of Iron man. Extremely cool.

The ear housing is made entirely of plastic, with a color tone similar to the case. The acoustic tube section is quite long, when worn, it will also carry most of the headset fixing task. The faceplate face is equipped with a talk microphone, as well as a touch area to control operation. We can play / pause music, transfer songs, answer calls & most importantly activate virtual assistants.

The feeling of wearing is very comfortable due to the fit of the housing part, combined with the soft ear plugs, but equally sure thanks to the long housing pipe to help fix the earpiece. There is nothing to complain about this product’s wearing feel.

Pamu Scroll Experience & Sound:

First, let’s go to touch experience. This experience on PaMu Scroll is comfortable and convenient, without creating any obstacles. All actions, from play / pause music, posting, answering calls, activating virtual assistants, … I just need to touch & touch. Sensitivity & speed of feedback is excellent, the operation is very simple, extremely friendly & easy to get used to. PaMu Scroll can call any virtual assistant, as long as your device supports it. I have tried to call Siri virtual assistant of Apple & Google Assistant devices on Android smartphones, all compatible & working perfectly.

PaMu Scroll gives a soft, warm and easy listening sound quality, soundstage & soundstage is quite lively & realistic. The sound is V-Shaped, with the most prominent bass band, very bouncing and warm, but the control is quite poor, so this band is slightly encroached on the mid range. In addition, the bass range is not really deep, probably will merge to play exciting electronic music. The mid range of the ear is quite backward, not prominent, relatively thick & will be suitable for the male vocals. The treble of the ear is not too prominent but easy to hear, not too high. In general, PaMu Scroll doesn’t sound too good to perfectly meet the needs of audio believers, but it offers a very audible and most consistent sound quality for most users.


In short, in the price range of under VND 2 million, what a product of this True Wireless headset brings is extremely worthy of money. With beautiful design, exclusive, luxurious, stable connection ability, strong and comfortable wearing feeling, smart and extremely convenient operation control, and an easy listening sound, PaMu Scroll deserves One option is worth considering in the True Wireless headset product line. You can refer to the product here.

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