Truly Reviews of the PaMu Slide

Are Pamu Slides really the Killer Airpods?

Padmate has succeeded again. A short distance from the extraordinary and millionaire crowdfunding campaign for its Pamu Scrolls, the Chinese company has succeeded in turning out another Best-Buy in the world of TWS Earphones. We are talking about Pamu Slide. Launched on the Indiegogo website, in a very short time they have succeeded in gaining support and unprecedented success in the hi-tech community around the world.


Inside the beautiful packaging, we find our box, a USB-SUB Type C cable and rubber pads to adapt the size of the earphones to the ear. Happy news for all non-English speakers, there is also an instruction booklet in Italian.

PaMu Slide: Best Buy TWS Earphones 2019

The box of wonders

The new Padmate product is called Pamu Slide precisely because the box that acts as a container and refill opens by sliding the upper surface upwards in English. The build quality is nothing short of excellent with the upper part in canvas, where the Pamu logo is stamped, while the rest is made of polycarbonate. The battery is very generous, around 2000 mAh, which on the one hand will allow you to recharge our earbuds five times, on the other hand you have to deal with quite bulky dimensions.
The parallelepiped will be difficult to transport in jeans and very narrow pockets, even if it has the great advantage of acting as a power bank for wireless charging of other devices. I personally always carry it with me in a handy bag, where I usually also keep my Smartphone. The earphones, of exquisite workmanship, adapt perfectly to the auricle and are also suitable for those who practice sports but do not want to give up listening to good music.

Audio and constructive quality

The earphones, very light and with a total weight of 14 grams, from the ergonomic point of view, distance themselves from their older brother Pamu Scroll, abandoning its circular shape, to embrace a more elongated one, with the stem that recalls that of rival Apple AirPods. The Waterproof headphones, with the IPX6 certificate, have a very elegant design and have some touch functions very useful in everyday use, whether you receive a phone call or if you want to manage the music being played. The right and left earphones according to the various clicks and the pressure exerted on them will perform various functions.

Left One:

  • Single click: play or pause
  • Double-click: Google voice assistant
  • Long click: reduces the volume
  • With incoming call on your smartphone: with a single click accept the call, with a double click reject it.

Right One:

  • Single click: play or pause
  • Double click: next track
  • Long click: increases the volume
  • With incoming call on your smartphone: with a single click accept the call, with a double click reject it.

The Pamu Slides connect via Bluetooth 5.0, and “sound” very well, having a preference for basses, but doing an excellent job also for medium and high frequencies.


At this moment the price of the Pamu Slides is only 49 Dollars, for a very limited period of time, given that soon the figure will settle on the most rounded sum of 199 $. A really paltry price if we consider the quality offered. I immediately fell in love with it and immediately got a couple of them.

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