7 Habits of Extremely Stylish Women

Most stylish women have no help in getting ready yet looking like they had a whole army to get them to look stunning so early in the morning. Actually, they have simply mastered practical tricks and turned them into daily habits. So, keep on reading for the habits of extremely stylish women and make yourself look put-together, elegant, and dressed for the occasion every single day.

Fill up on basics.

Whether it is a simple little black dress, tonal colored outfit, classic knitwear, or classic tailored pieces, a stylish woman always has enough basics in her wardrobe to mix and match and to use for any style emergency. Like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu, think of spicing up your basic all-white outfit with a mustard coat and a statement necklace.

Invest in a few expensive items.

Once the basics are set, investing in a few expensive items is how stylish women manage to look expensive and stunning without having to break the bank. Remember, statement pieces bring boldness to your style. Like fashion bloggers Jennifer and Desiree Selmanovic, think of going for some designer pieces that can add some glam to your basic ensembles.

Wear figure-flattering clothes.

Women with great style know which shapes work best for their bodies and they stick to them. So, make time to figure out what is flattering on your body and what makes you look frumpy and stick to the best silhouettes for every occasion. If you wish to flaunt your sexy curves, go for a bodyd con dress with a nice neckline like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli did, or go feminine with a ruffled party dress that looks chic like Jenny Bernheim did.

Lay out your clothes the night before.

One way to look your best in the early hours of the morning is by choosing the clothes, shoes and accessories you are going to wear the night before. This way, you can choose your clean and ironed clothes. By laying out your clothes the night before, you’ll see how everything goes together and you will not spend a rushed morning figuring out what you are going to wear.

Weather check and dress for the event.

We may all be guilty of checking fashion news rather than current news but checking the weather the night before will help you decide the best clothes to wear. Also, always dress for the occasion and never go underdressed.

Work the trends.

Stylish women know and play with trends but they are not slaves to them. Learn how to work the trends that will suit your lifestyle and simply ignore the ones that are not relevant to you. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Selmanovic, you may wear the graphic print trend with a chic pencil skirt and wear an edgy leather top to balance your statement.

Walk in heels gracefully.

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