Discover the Eyebrows Trends That Will Cardboard in 2020

Fine, thick, colorful … The trends on the eyebrows follow but are not alike. Discover the one to absolutely adopt in 2020.

The eyebrows play an important role in the harmony of the face. If they are well shaved according to the shape of your eyes, they can enlarge your eyes and enhance you . If each person has a form of eyebrow that suits him better, the latter must be modern and in keeping with the trend of the moment.

Exit the very fine eyebrows and too drawn briefly handed over by fashion model Bella Hadid : fashion is bushy and natural eyebrows to the Cara Delevingne . Indeed, the British supermodel is well known for its ultra-trendy thick eyebrows .

How to make ruffled eyebrows?

The fashion of natural eyebrows has several advantages. One of them concerns their maintenance since they do not need to be perfectly depilated. Indeed, the secret is to draw a line while respecting the original shape of its eyebrow. The goal is to get a fuzzy line.

For this, you must first bring a pencil of the color of your eyebrows and make small strokes upwards. No way to draw a straight line to detour!

This technique by small touches can give intensity to the eyebrows in a natural way. The brush then upwards with a brush or with a specific fixative gel. The trick is played: your eyes are well underlined without having the impression to have reworked your eyebrows ! Will you fall for this trend?

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