Padmate PaMu Slide, The TWS Headphones With UPTO 60 Hours of Work Time

In August, the young headphones brand name Padmate successfully completed a crowdfunding at Indiegogo for the fully wireless PaMu Slide earphones, receiving $ 6.5 million from investors. As it became known, in the near future the company plans to officially introduce the new product on the Russian market.

Padmate PaMu Slide, The TWS Headphones With UPTO 60 Hours of Work Time

Padmate PaMu Slide is made in the format of in-ear plugs with silicone tips for a more snug fit in the ear and additional sound insulation. They come with a small charging case, the lid of which is swiveled.

The headphones use a Qualcomm chip with support for Bluetooth 5.0. The wired distance of connecting to a smartphone or other source is 10 meters. In addition, the new standard saves energy, so one charge lasts for 10 hours of continuous listening to music or talking on the phone.

Given the recharge from the case, the overall autonomy of the PaMu Slide is 60 hours. They are charged through a modern USB Type-C connector. Playback and volume control are carried out using touch panels on each earphone.

It is important to note the support of SBC, AAC and aptX audio codecs, which improves the sound quality when transmitting audio via Bluetooth. It is important that the smartphone also supports this function, to which the headphones will be connected.

New Airpods Killer TWS Headphones - PaMu Slide

Note that the Padmate PaMu Slide will soon be available not only in Russia but also in the Chinese market. To do this, the manufacturer intends to start sale on the, owned by E-pintrum Inc.

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