Review of Mini Version of PaMu Slide Headphones

There are 4 colors available of PaMu Slide Mini: White, Black, Green and Pink, and mine is pink. The silver’s letters of “PaMu Slide Mini” are embedded in the middle of outer box, and silver graphic illustrations in the inside. The outer box of the earphone adopts a gift box-type layered packaging design. The earphone and charging box are placed on the first layer. The second layer is a leather storage bag, a Type-C USB charging cable, an instruction manual, and 5 different types of silicone earmuffs. . The storage bag has a lot of space to put in the charging case and headphones. It is very practical, and the manual is provided in multiple languages ​​for detailed and easy to understand.

Review of Mini Version of PaMu Slide Headphones

The earphones are cute, and the material is a matte plastic material with a smooth touch. However, the earphones are a bit bulky and heavy, and the ears hurt when worn for a long time. Compared with AirPod, they are still very present. The connection method only requires manual Bluetooth pairing for the first time, and automatically reconnects when used again. After the connection, the signal is stable and there is no intermittent situation, but the connection speed is fast and slow. The operation of the headset is touch-sensitive. It is operated by clicking, double-clicking, and long-pressing. The left and right ear commands are different. It takes time to familiarize with the functions. However, it is generally easier to learn and more comfortable than the button type. Disadvantages It is easy to touch by mistake in actual operation. Compared with AirPods, the sensitivity and accuracy are still slightly inferior. The headset supports IPX6 waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about the water in the headset when you wear it during sports and rain.

I think the sound quality is the best in the same price range. The high, middle and low tri-band sound lines are superior, the bass is deep, the midrange is thick, the treble is clear, the sound of the two microphones is clear, and there is no need to increase the volume intentionally when speaking. Because I do n’t play games, I only use it for daily calls, listening to music, and watching videos. There is no synchronization of audio and video, and the physical sensation is not much different from AirPods. The drop-shaped silicone earplugs fit more closely to the ear canal, and the noise reduction function is greatly improved, which indeed achieves the official noise reduction effect.

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