Padmate Tempo T5 TWS Earbuds Review

With the removal of the headphone jack on smartphones, Bluetooth headsets have become popular again, but traditional Bluetooth headsets have cables connected between the left and right ears, which is not easy to charge or carry. These have not satisfied people’s freedom. Convenient requirements. The emergence of true wireless earphones quickly got everyone’s preferences. The recently launched Padmate Tempo T5 bio-vibration earphones are not only light and comfortable to wear, but also convenient to charge or carry. It is more free to enjoy music wirelessly. Let ’s take a look What kind of experience does it have?


The packaging box of the Padmate T5 bio-vibration earphone is relatively simple and refreshing. There is a more conspicuous appearance of the earphones on the front, and the product name and model are next to it. The backside is printed with parameter information such as the name, model, and battery life of the headset for a more detailed understanding of the headset.

In the box, there are earphones, earmuffs, USB charging cable and manuals. In addition to these, it is also equipped with a charging compartment for easy storage and carry-on when you go out.

The earphones are mainly milky white, with silver edges around them. The appearance is exquisite and fresh, and the overall is small and light. The back of the ear body uses an irregular concave-convex surface, like a water cube surface. The headset uses a true wireless design. The left and right earphones are completely separated. There is no wire connection between the two earphones. It really gets rid of the cable.

The earphone adopts the in-ear design, which can be worn for a long time without bloating, and the prominent capital letters “L” and “R” are printed on the cavity, which is convenient for distinguishing the left and right earphones. There is an LED indicator hidden on the side of the headset, which will only light up when the headset is working.

The ear cavity is not equipped with a charging socket like a traditional Bluetooth headset, but uses a wireless charging design. It needs to be used with a charging compartment. Just put the headset in the corresponding groove, and then enter the charging mode, which is convenient for going out. Not easy to lose.

The charging compartment is small and simple as a whole. The surface is matte and comfortable, and the edges are rounded to avoid scratching. The bottom is equipped with a Micro-USB charging interface and some parameter information. It can be seen that its built-in 1000mAh lithium battery can recharge the headset at any time, without worrying about the problem of the headset running out of power, which is convenient for outdoor travel.

Comes with 2 pairs of earmuffs, plus a total of three pairs on the headphones. Each pair of earmuffs varies in size, and the silicone material is relatively soft. You can choose comfortable earmuffs according to your needs, which can greatly reduce external noise interference and provide good Bass effect.

Use experience

Padmate T5 biomembrane earphones are used for the first time. After charging for a few minutes in the charging compartment, take out the left and right earphones, you can automatically turn on and enter the pairing connection. Finally open the mobile phone Bluetooth search, click on the connection, it will be faster and smoother. The weight of the left and right earphones is only 5g, which is very light and comfortable to wear. There is no discomfort when wearing the auricle for a long time.

Take a closer look at the headset without any buttons. I thought there were no buttons to control the headset. In fact, the entire back of the left and right earphones is a function key, but this headset uses touch control, which can implement functions such as play / pause and call connection, but Can’t adjust the volume, some are not used to touching the keys.

The headset strengthens the stability of the Bluetooth connection and uses the new Bluetooth 5.0 technology. It can quickly and automatically connect to the mobile phone with each use. At the same time, the signal is more stable and lower power consumption, and the disconnection has never occurred. Both left and right earphones have built-in lithium batteries. They can talk and play music continuously for 3-4 hours when fully charged, which is enough to listen to music at the same time. At the same time, there is a spare battery in the charging compartment.

The earphone uses a 6mm bio-vibration membrane, which has a high vibration transmission sensitivity, which can highly restore the sound quality and enjoy high-quality stereo effects. Through multiple auditions of different styles of music, the headphones performed well in terms of music details and resolution. The rhythmic performance in the bass was more prominent, and the music was more compact and powerful. Rhythm and melody can be heard clearly, and you can feel the shock of the bass, and the eardrum can also feel the impact of live music.


Padmate T5 bio-vibration earphones are exquisite and fresh in appearance, overall small and light, stable and comfortable to wear, the charging compartment is exquisitely made, and it is convenient to go out for storage and carrying. The new Bluetooth technology signal is more stable, the sound quality is good, the vibration conduction sensitivity is high, and the battery life is durable. Suitable for carrying around and enjoying music more freely.

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