Why do nails split?

There are several causes of splitting of nails. Whether they are linked to health problems or practices related to the treatment of your nails, they will need to be identified to find adequate treatment. Today, nail supplies expert Maryton will tell you the reasons why nails split in this article.

Health-related causes

The splitting of nails into several layers may be due to health problems.

Number one of the causes of nail splitting, sulfur, zinc or iron deficiencies are often the cause of this type of discomfort. You can then rely on food supplements to compensate for your deficiencies.

Thyroid disorders can also lead to weakened nails. We then note splitting at the base or at the tip of the nail. You should contact a specialized doctor to find a treatment that will allow you to reduce or even resolve thyroid problems.

Furthermore, certain nail fungus causes splitting. If your nail is yellowish or white, or tends to peel off, do not hesitate to show it to your doctor. There are long but effective treatments to overcome the phenomenon.

Causes linked to your manicures

Splitting nails can also be caused by the way you do your manicures.

Frequent use of gel or semi-permanent varnish can weaken the surface of the nail plate. It is essential to take breaks of several weeks during which you leave your nails exposed to the air. Furthermore, applying this type of manicure with a file or with very aggressive products leads to weakening of the nail.

Observing periods without applying gel or semi-permanent varnish may be an opportunity for you to treat your nails to strengthen them. Manicure kits are therefore essential and must be recommended to you by the professional who takes care of the beauty of your nails.

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