Why People Invested on PaMu Scroll TWS Headphones

Sometimes things that at first are not very popular with the public become terribly fashionable. Completely wireless headphones that work via Bluetooth, just one of those. Already there are hundreds of models that are different in form and content, but the Padmate brand has its own vision of the middle ground between design and sound quality – for this, Indiegogo managed to raise $ 3,387,869. It’s time to find out what investor money was spent on.

You won’t surprise anyone with TWS-headphones – the format is actively developing. So the choice of models is wide, and the competition is high. But people are more often interested in characteristics that are not recognizable from the product description in the online store. How do ear pads sit in your ears and do they hurt after hours of enjoying music? How rich is the sound from the speakers? Is communication stable? Finally, battery life. Sometimes the manufacturer declares one time, but in practice it turns out that this is taking into account the recharges from the case and interruptions in listening. Go figure out where you will guess, and what you’ll lose on.

This is what Padmate employees saw a chance. They took into account the criticism of most wireless headphones, offering their universal option – PaMu. It has low weight with a unique design, stable Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, rich sound, and an aim for people with an active lifestyle. In theory, a really optimal solution – users pay attention to these when they can not make a choice.

But why is Padmate the answer to such urgent requests? It’s simple: the brand has been on the market since 2010, and all this time it specializes in the production of smart electronics and Bluetooth devices – including those commissioned by Intel, Microsoft, ZTE, Xiaomi and other partners. And the company is not a newbie in the production of headphones. Although, nevertheless, the super-successful fundraising for Indiegogo (the intended amount has been exceeded by more than 150 times) can only explain the acquaintance with the new product.

The first thing that attracts PaMu Scroll earphones is a cylindrical battery case wrapped in faux leather with a magnetic closure. The embossing and color of the coating may be different, but all options look equally solid and very beautiful – unlike the cases of most TWS-headphones. Also included is a micro-USB cable for charging and a couple of additional ear pads – the set is not so luxurious, but it contains everything you need. Wireless charging adapter(Padmate PaMu Wireless Charging Receiver) can always be ordered separately.

To turn on the headphones, just remove them from the case. They are really tiny (19.7 x 17 x 27 mm each) and without designer frills, so there is no discomfort from using them – wear at least a few hours in a row. The mass is also modest – weigh only five grams. Of the analogues, only AirPods are lighter, but they also cost a little more. The combination of the in-channel design, dimensions and weight gives an advantage: the fear of “what if they fall out during a run and get lost” PaMu Scroll was dispelled after the first test. Another feature is IPX6 certified water protection. We decided to go in for physical education or listen to music in the fresh air, but fell in the rain? It doesn’t matter, the equipment will remain intact.

Of the controls – a small touchpad. But she knows a lot: start and stop playback, change tracks, call Siri or Google Assistant, receive and end calls, and also dial the last active number. The modification of the PaMu Scroll also has the ability to control volume.

The battery capacity of the headphones is 3.5 hours at a volume of 50%, and in the T3plus version up to 6 hours, and the battery case will make up for energy loss.

Top for your money?

Design and ergonomics are important, of course, but the main thing in any audio technology is how it works. Both parts of PaMu Scroll interact in the usual way, there is a leading right earphone that receives a signal, and a slave is already connected to it. In order for a smartphone to discover a novelty, just select “PaMu Scroll” from the list of Bluetooth devices. On the editorial smartphone, the contact took place almost immediately. But, judging by the messages on our forum , it may happen that the device recognizes both headphones as different devices – in this case, it is worth reconnecting them.

The Bluetooth 5.0 standard provides high bandwidth at a decent distance – leaving the smartphone on the table, you can safely move around the office, listening to your favorite track. The same applies to home conditions, if you need to tidy up the room under the next hit of Billy Elish, you do not have to carry the phone in your pocket. Active noise reduction CVC helps to focus on business and not be distracted by any interference.

The sound of the PaMu Scroll is clean and balanced. Without any magical bass, but there is no extraneous noise, and the frequency spectrum is wide – everything is at the level of good TWS devices. Thanks to the Qualcomm QCC3020 chip and support for the aptX codec, listening to music in the “older” model is more pleasant. This is the main technical difference from it, where the filling is a little easier. Anyway, the in-channel design, noise reduction, and sensitivity of 97 dB affect the emotions from listening.

What is the result? PaMu Scroll and the “younger” model of the line really do cope with the role outlined during the campaign on Indiegogo. Thanks to beauty, weight, a convenient form and advanced technologies, they may well become the choice of those who decided to switch to TWS-headphones with wired solutions. The rest depends on taste, lifestyle and willingness to follow trends.

Padmate has an impressive product portfolio, including a completely new model of PaMu Slide Mini, PaMu Slide, PaMu Scroll, Tempo T5, PaMu X13, PaMu X12 and so on. Visit us on Moldac.com get the full list of the PaMu products.

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