Best Buy – True Wireless PaMu Slide Headphones

PaMu Slide: Best Buy TWS Earphones 2019

Yet. I believe, I hope. These are Padmate PaMu Slide, and the cheapest option is 50 euro. 49.99 to be fair. The ones we have to test are 79.99 because they still have a trick. They are best budget wireless earphones, as we call them, with a monster battery of nearly 10 hours, without taking into account the battery in the case. This can take up to 60 hours of battery, meaning you do not have to recharging them for a week. And that if you listen to music for at least 8 hours a day. It’s a lot for music, but not for podcasts, that’s where you learn something. And they will not recommend mine, there are a lot of smarter people like me who have something to say on the audio. Audible is the platform where we hear the waves of the best podcasts.

Returning to headphones, PaMu Slide is heard much better than I expected, right there at AirPods level and even higher. And yet, why is it costing just 50 euros? Because it is a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo. Like Kickstarter, it’s a place where you pay in avns for those products, after the description and the project presented, and with the fans of all those interested, the project’s founders finance the production. Padmate’s are recognized on Indiegogo with another successful project, a pair of true wireless headphones called pamu scroll, well-liked.

During the course of the project, the products are usually cheaper, but from our experience, they remain often at the same price when they arrive at the site on a regular basis. It’s not a product you’ll find in stores.

Now about sound, connectivity and ease of use I tell you in the clip below. You can be sure, however, that they have everything they need for 59 or 79 euros. But I would not honestly give 200 euros, or dollars on them, as the producer says they will be after the end of the campaign. I do not think it deserves so much money. The truth is that the included wireless charger option is not worth it. You can not say that you’ll be charging your phone even with them, there’s not a phone on the charger, and there’s even a bigger and thicker case than the wireless-free version.

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