PaMu Scroll True Wireless Headphones Reviews

We have seen many true wireless headphones in recent years. A large part of them had difficulty with the bluetooth connection. For a long time, Apple was the only one that did really well. Still, the cheap PaMu Scroll shows that it can also be done.


When it comes to fancy design, the designers of the PaMu Scroll have done extremely well. We received both the Glory Edition(Brown) and the Sakura(Pink). The Sakura is totally lipstick pink while the Glory Edition is made of beautifully crafted leather. The name “scroll” comes from the design of the box, which looks a bit like an old parchment scroll.

PaMu Scroll True Wireless Headphones Reviews

Now leather sounds very expensive and I know that there are people who feel that there is plenty of slaughter to make this kind of product possible. However, nowadays we eat a lot of meat as humanity. The result is that there is an enormous amount of leather left. Leather is increasingly becoming a residual product and therefore cheaper.

In addition to these two versions, there are also the Rock ‘n’ Roll and Graphene versions. All models are IPx6 waterproof. So you can use them in the rain.

The true wireless headsets are therefore in a beautiful case that also serves as a charger and power bank. This is actually quite normal in this segment. What’s new is that the PaMu Scroll can also be charged wirelessly. For this, accessories called pamu charging receiver in black and pearly white are sold.

Sound experience

The audio experience of the PaMu Scroll is really beyond expectations. The headset is developed without expensive codecs to reduce costs. Yet the sound is pretty pure. The true audiophile will miss the sharpness of an aptX HD codec, but if you don’t say that, you certainly won’t miss it. On bluetooth 5.0 alone it just doesn’t get better than this.

The sound signature is fairly flat, although PaMu has done its best to slightly amplify the bass. Not as exaggerated as in a Beats headset, but just far enough to make the sound sound fuller. Neatly so.

When you receive calls, they can be heard over both ears. That is something that not every true wireless headset can do.

Bluetooth 5.0

The biggest problem for headsets like this is the bluetooth connection. The connection between the two earphones must be good, but also the connection with the smartphone. Bluetooth uses 2.4 GHz. Just like WiFi and the microwave. And let your body be perfect in absorbing that radiation.

So if your smartphone is in your pocket, then your arm regularly gets in the way, if not your shoulder. As a result, many of these types of headsets suffer a lot of outages with us.

Here the PaMu Scroll is doing well beyond expectations. The failure is zero. Well … with the generation of the PaMu Scroll that they send out from the IndieGoGo campaign. We initially received an early sample. It was really worthless in terms of outages. The final version we received was given a new antenna that solved this problem.


The PaMu Scroll uses touch control for operation. A single tap to take calls, pause music etc. A double tap to skip a track or to shake up Siri or reject a phone call. You can adjust volume and the like via your smartphone.

Battery life

The battery life of the PaMu Scroll is more than 3 hours in our tests. In addition, we only listened to music, which puts the greatest pressure on the battery life. The PaMu Scroll powerbank can be fully charged in 3.5 hours. With the power bank you can fully charge the earbuds twice.


At IndieGoGo, the price of the PaMu Scroll has since risen to $ 49 while being launched for $ 39. It is striking to see how many brands are struggling with a stable connection and that good headsets must be put on the shelves at very high prices. Still, the guys behind the PaMu Scroll manage to keep the price low and this headset is the best true wireless that you will find under $ 150.

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