Mongda Launches a Quick, Efficient and Smart Wireless Charger

Probably the MongDa brand will not tell you much, but it is the name of a startup based in Xiamen in China, part of Harda Group and also of Padmate, which we already know for its true wireless PaMu Scroll earphones. Thanks to decades of experience in design and R&D, the team is constantly looking for the best materials and components to produce high quality devices, even for other brands (do you know that MongDa designed the latest Belkin wireless iPhone charger?)

For his new project, however, the Chinese company has asked the Indiegogo community for help. A wireless charger that uses an intelligent cooling system to ensure an efficient and rapid recharge. You can visit the page on the crowdfunding platform.

Market studies have shown that the efficiency of wireless charging is rather low, mainly due to the overheating of the elements involved which also risk damaging the smartphone. For this MongDa has developed new technologies to limit temperatures and keep the device always protected.

The MongDa battery charger has a design with attention to detail and inspired by the representation of spaceships and UFOs in science fiction films, with aerodynamic lines that emphasize the concept of rapid charge, supports all standards for Qi wireless charging at 5W, 10W and 7.5W, the latter used by Apple that can recharge an iPhone from 0 to 50% in less than 40 minutes.

Mongda Launches a Quick, Efficient and Smart Wireless Charger

MongDa also adopts an automatic cooling system to keep the smartphone temperature always below 29 ° C in order to protect the battery and extend the life of the device. There are also protection systems for overvoltages, overcurrents and short circuits to ensure the protection of the smartphone during charging.

The MongDa battery charger cooling system includes a CNC aluminum component with high thermal conductivity capable of quickly absorbing heat, a high speed fan and a series of slots to allow hot air to escape.

The battery charger is also able to intelligently regulate the current delivered, and consequently the fan rotation speed, or to stop it completely using an algorithm that evaluates the brightness perceived in the surrounding environment, distinguishing the presence of natural or artificial light, in also way to reduce noise during the hours of sleep.

In the event that the temperature rises above the threshold, the battery charger switches off automatically to prevent damage to both the smartphone and the battery charger itself. MongDa is also able to detect the presence of foreign metal objects between the charger and the phone and to stop charging by protecting the smartphone. The smart MongDa battery charger is able to recharge the smartphone up to a distance of 8mm and with covers up to 4mm thick.

MongDa is available on the Indiegogo platform starting at 26 euros, with free shipping from May. It is not so much for a wireless charger with these features, so if you believe in the new project of the Chinese team, finance it.

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