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Apple’s Airpods have become known around the world, and Airpods are so popular that even people who are less interested in audio and technology know about them. On the market there seems to be no true wireless headset that can treat the Airpods well. However, recently a young audio company has launched a headset that they call “Airpods Killer” – Airpods Terminator. It is Padmate with his latest Pamu Slide Earbuds.

Padmate has only been established for 5 years, but it has made a big deal when it successfully raised millions of dollars on Idiegogo for Pamu X13 and Pamu Scroll, especially Pamu Scroll has raised more than $3 million and holds the record for the most raised TWS headset on Idiegogo.

So with its latest headset, Padmate gives users what it calls the “Terminator Airpods”. Let’s open the box and evaluate the details of the Pamu Slide headset – Airpods Terminator.


First about the charging box, the first feeling can be seen that the square shaped box (Squircle) is a design that catches up with the modern design trend. At first glance, you’ll see that the exterior of the charging box is like a mini portable speaker with the surface covered with a layer of imitation silver-plated metal mesh that looks very creative with the Pamu logo in the center.

Truly Reviews of the PaMu Slide

In previous versions, the company named its headphones Pamu Scroll based on how to open the charging box, which is scroll to close / open. And in this version of Pamu Slide the name also says it all about how it works, that is, slide (slide) to close / open.

Next is the main character, the Pamu Slide headset. At first glance, it can look similar to Airpods but a bit chubby and plump. Housing is more rounded beveled with more soft beveled edges to create a charm for the headset. Pamu Slide ‘s design also brings a lot of depth with many cubes combined together to bring a very natural stand out to the headset. The housing of PaMu Slide is a harmonious combination of two in-ear earbud constructs to provide superior wearable, easily fits to many different users.

PaMu Slide: Best Buy TWS Earphones 2019


Dubbed the “Airpods Terminator”, surely the company must equip its headphones with the top features. Let’s take a look:


Pamu Slide is powered by Qualcomm QCC3020 processor, which is the most advanced Bluetooth True Wireless Stereo chip on the market. This chip supports the latest Bluetooth 5.0 standard for extremely stable connectivity and consumes very little power. Incorporating Qualcomm’s exclusive Qualcomm TrueWireless ™ Stereo Plus technology, which enhances reception and significantly reduces headset lag. The chip supports Qualcomm® aptX ™ audio technology, which allows Qualcomm’s proprietary Aptx codec to receive better sound reproduction than popular codecs such as SBC or AAC.


No need to press and hold complicated boot, no need to connect again every time disconnected. All you need to do is lift the Pamu Slide from the charger and put it on your ears. The operation is extremely simple and user friendly. The connection speed is also impressive in the Pamu Slide headset when the headset is almost immediately connected to the phone when removed from the charger.


Airpods have a continuous use time of about 3 hours, you will think “Airpods killer” has to use twice as much, about 5-6 hours. But more than that, Pamu Slide gives you a really impressive amount of use, up to 10 hours in a row, up to 3 times more Airpods. And yet, the charging box also provides an additional 50 hours, increasing the total use time for a full charge of both earphones and chargers to 60 hours, an impressive usage time for a complete wireless headset.

Still not over, the Pamu Slide’s Charging Box supports 2-way wireless charging with a battery capacity of up to 2000mAh. You can use this charging case as a fireproof backup charger to wirelessly charge your phone. Thus, in terms of usage time for a charger and charging box, Pamu Slide has completely won Airpods and almost no rivals.


Despite being just a best budget wireless earphones, Pamu Slide is very invested in customer experience. Not merely using the common noise filtering algorithm, the noise reduction effect of using multiple recording microphones is always better.

Equipped with up to 2 microphones on each side of the ear, Pamu Slide is capable of handling noise in the environment effectively when you make calls almost the same as the way dedicated phone headsets work.


No buttons make you uncomfortable to operate, Pamu has always used touch technology to control its headphones.

New Airpods Killer TWS Headphones - PaMu Slide

Previously, many people complained that Pamu X13 or Pamu Scroll could not increase or decrease the volume, but now Pamu Slide has allowed you to do that but still just use a simple touch and hold. So you can perform almost all manipulations of music and phone control on the Pamu Slide headset, something that even Airpods do not.


In addition to the aforementioned features, Pamu Slide also has IPX6 water resistance for strong resistance to sweat and rain, maximum support for your sports activities.


In the Pamu Slide version, Padmate has equipped it with Qualcomm QCC3020 audio chip, supporting aptX code, thus improving the sound quality better. Compared with Scroll, the disadvantages when playing music at a high level with maximum volume, the Pamu Slide retains the bass / treble more stable and firm, not exposed or dazzling like Scroll anymore.

If compared directly with the Airpod, Slide’s sound quality is more bass and warm with bass than Airpod sounds more clear. When opening the maximum music on Airpods, the treble sound is a bit harsh and lacks the bass when compared to Slide. Therefore, depending on the type of music you listen to can give different feelings. Pamu Slide may be more about the vibrant, fast, strong EDM genres, the Airpod is stronger than the light pop, ballad, folk songs …


Pamu Slide is a headset that adds all the missing and weak features on Apple Airpods at a much cheaper price. With what Pamu has shown on X13 or Scroll, Pamu Slide will surely become the hottest true wireless headphones in the near future.

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