PaMu Scroll: Placed in the Ears Resemble Fashionable Jewelry

Padmate, a specialist among manufacturers of wireless headphones internationally, presents its latest product, PaMu Scroll. Bluetooth 5.0 headphones provide high quality sound and are IPX6 certified. They offer stylish design and high wearing comfort. On the way to the gym? Are you planning a trip? Maybe meeting with friends? Regardless of what you have planned, thanks to PaMu Scroll, you are always on the road in style.

Padmate specializes in the audio products industry on the international market. The brand’s success story began with the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in March 2018. The operation quickly became one of the most funded audio equipment campaigns on the platform. The Chinese brand now wants to appear on the Polish market, focusing on products that combine trends with high quality technology.

PaMu Scroll Detailed Reviews

Stable Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and long music enjoyment

Tangled cables are a thing of the past. PaMu Scroll headphones are equipped with one of the most stable Bluetooth 5.0 connections on the market, ensuring effective energy consumption and 4 times greater range. A 6mm graphene speaker guarantees excellent sound quality and realistic voice reproduction. The battery life of the headphones is 3.5 hours, which can be extended three times by charging the batteries in the charger. Thanks to this, they provide energy for about 12 hours of pleasure from listening to music.

A unique design for exceptional users

Already at Indiegogo PaMu Scroll convinced sponsors. Padmate obtained over $ 3 million for its project, and the operation has become one of the most popular campaigns among audio products on the platform’s website.

PaMu Scroll present themselves in a stylish charger with a leather cover, in which the headphones are held magnetically and with a built-in 500 mAh battery. An attached magnet ensures a precise closing of the case.
As with PaMu Slide, the “Scroll” case is not only used to store and transport headphones, but also to provide power when headphones are not in use. On the left side of the housing there is a micro-USB charging connector. PaMu Scroll headphones also support wireless charging in accordance with the latest standards.

The charging roller is made by hand from natural suede and available in four modern colors: Graphene, Glory, Black and Sakura. Thanks to PaMu Scroll you will be able to enjoy great style, regardless of whether you are at the gym or on the go. Placed in the ear, they resemble fashionable jewelry. They will be a great gadget for anyone who appreciates stylish design and good sound quality.

Light and resistant thanks to the unique design

In order to ensure a perfect fit, PaMu Scroll are equipped with silicone tips in 3 different sizes (S / M / L), which perfectly adapt to the shape of each ear. Weighing only 5 grams, the headphones are also extremely light.
Certified IPX6, PaMu Scroll is resistant to sweat and rain. Therefore, they are perfect for people who lead an active lifestyle.
Automatic pairing and touch control make it easy to use headphones. For even greater freedom, you can control music playback, make calls or activate voice assistant by pressing the button on the right or left side of the ear. By double-clicking the left headset, you can run Siri or Google Assistant.

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