What’s the Difference Between PaMu Slide and PaMu Slide Mini

Padmate launched PaMu Slide and PaMu Slide Mini last year, receiving overwhelming thumb up. However, many customers are confused with the two earphones since they are the same earbuds with different charging case. Today, we would like to explain what’s the difference between them.

We launched PaMu Slide earlier. And based on the users’ feedback, we improved our earphones and functions, then launched PaMu Slide Mini. It is hard to say which one is better. The two earphones are aiming different lifestyle people.

What's the Difference Between PaMu Slide and PaMu Slide Mini

This table summarizes the difference between PaMu Slide and PaMu Slide Mini. If you like smaller charge case, PaMu Slide Mini will be your choice, and it’s cheaper. If you want to much longer battery and sometimes wirelessly charge your phone with PaMu earphones, PaMu Slide/Plus will be your choice.

PaMu Slide is under great discount now, at a price of $80. This is the forth time we sold out PaMu Slide and restock. Enjoy the most popular earphones, limited stocks!

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