Removal steps for semi-permanent nail polish

If you aren’t satisfied with the color or the final result of the semi-permanent varnish on your toenails, you can perfectly remove and replace it without any difficulty. To achieve this, you need to follow a few steps.

Use a solvent product with or without acetone

Keep in mind that the semi-permanent varnish doesn’t dilute. To remove it, you must use a solvent product: soak the cotton in the solvent with acetone and put one on each of your nails. To continue, wrap your toenails and cotton in foil. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. After this waiting time, the varnish is removed in one go. If you have chosen to remove the varnish with acetone, all you need to do is soak your toenails in a container filled with acetone for up to a quarter of an hour.

OK! You have know the removal steps for semi-permanent varnish! In addition, you also need a gentle manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails on a daily basis.

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