What are the risks of false nails for teenage girls?

Deft manicurist. Pleasant smiling teenage girl sitting at the manicure table and having her nails filed by a young manicurist

Scientific data shows that girls under the age of 16 have very thin nail plates. However, certain products used to create fake nails, especially those containing acids, can further weaken girls’ nail plates.

Above all, the installation of false nails risks damaging the matrix of the nail, which is the “motor” of the nail. If it is damaged, the entire nail may suffer the consequences: nails that no longer grow or askew, nails that break, peel off or nails with ridges or bumps.

The risks are significant and especially the consequences for life. So, dear teenagers, just wait a little longer! In addition, it is possible to take care of the nails with a gentle manicure kit on a daily basis.

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