How to remove gel false nails? 4 steps to guide you

Do you love having beautiful and strong gel nails, but wondering how to remove your false nails? Our Maryton explain it to you in 4 steps in this complete removal guide. Just follow us!

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Step 1: sanding the gel

The first step is to sand the gel. It is necessary to thin the gel to remove it more easily. This is the “shell”.

Step 2: filing the nail

I opt for a file, which is softer when I approach natural nails. I choose the grain you need, the more grains, the more precise and gentle it will be. I carefully remove gel residue with this tool. Sometimes I use the polishing block in addition to the nail file.

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Step 3: care

The care of the hands and nails allows them to regenerate better and to be protected. I take care of the cuticles, the free edge and I apply an oil to nourish and hydrate the nails.

With or without acetone?

Acetone is a solvent to be handled with care. It is not used in manicure to soften or dissolve the gel when applying gel nails. Acetone can be used to remove semi-permanent varnish, but the skin around the nail must be protected with a greasy cream such as Vaseline.

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