Girls and nail polishes: practical tips and ideas to copy

It is inevitable: sooner or later your little girl will ask you “put the nail polish on” or “I want the nail polish too”. When I was a child, there was not an overabundance of nail polishes and nail art products that we can find in almost every store today.

So if you have a kindergarten girl who asks you for her first nail art, here’s how you can run for cover:

  • Yes to pastel colors and pearly shades.
  • Yes to transparent glazes with glitter or a lot of happiness and quick application.
  • Yes to one or two colored stickers. Online you can find any type: stars, hearts, flowers and so on
  • No to dark colors that would instantly show chipped nail polish. Unless you’re there ready to touch it up all the time, it won’t even be your nail polish!
  • No to long nails! First of all because they are little girls! Secondly, because the children play and get dirty and send your little girl around with the black bezel of dirt under her nails. I imagine as a mother, it is an idea that does not excite you. Better short and clean nails!

And now some tips for the application.

If you mess up while applying the glaze, the only solution is to equip yourself with one of the appropriate correcting pens. And in a few moments you can forget about the mistake.

Secondly, choose the right time to apply nail polish to your child. That is how much he watches cartoons! Watching TV in peace, you can let them dry even the enamel without causing disasters. For even faster drying and without using the special quick drying sprays available on the market, you can always have her put her hands in a bowl with very cold water, which knowingly dries the nail polish in less time.

Hoping to have been helpful. If you want to know more about nails supply, please take a look at our Maryton website. As usual, I wish see you in the next article!

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