3 ways to succeed in your two-tone French without a hitch

The two-tone French manicure is on the rise, so much so that it is not improbable that it will outsmart its predecessor, the classic French manicure. Learn how to do it for sure.

We recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails before applying any decoration on your nails.

To achieve a two-tone French manicure, you obviously need 2 different nail polish colors. You can either start with 2 shades of the same shade (a light blue and a dark blue for example) or on 2 opposite but visually harmonious shades (a turquoise blue and a coral for example). No risk of beauty misstep either by opting for a gold or silver nail tip. Then, you choose the technique that seems most appropriate to your abilities.


If the striping tape rollers are available in a whole bunch of different colors, and this tool sticks directly on the varnished or nude nail to give pep’s to our manicure, we can also use it as a definition tool for success a two-tone French manicure. On the same principle as the special French adhesive patches.

The step by step:

  1. After manicuring her nails and in particular pushing back the cuticles, a layer of base coat is applied to all the nails.
  2. Then 2 coats of the varnish that you want the majority.
  3. Leave to dry and apply stripping tape to each of the nails to define the end of the french, which is made up with the other shade of varnish.
  4. Leave to dry for a few seconds and finish with a layer of top-coat to make the two-tone French manicure shine and hold longer.


This technique requires more skill and delicacy than the first. You have to draw the tip of the French manicure, and fill it with the desired color, directly on the nail. If it is thin enough, you can directly use the nail polish brush. But since the task is so meticulous, it is best to use a fine nail art brush.

The step by step:

  1. On cleansed and manicured nails, a base coat is applied to prevent color transfer and thus prevent the nails from turning yellow.
  2. We apply the 2 coats of majority nail varnish.
  3. Then we come to draw with the brush on the dry nails, the tip of the French manicure with the other shade of varnish. The thinner it is, the more elegant the rendering will be.
  4. We finish with a layer of top coat to fix and shine the result.


Finally, the last solution to achieve and above all succeed in your two-tone French manicure: entrust your nails to a professional. It will certainly cost a little more, but it is still the best way when you are not 100% sure of yourself. No risk of missing a hand, for example, or of finding that the French tips are not symmetrical!

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