5 tips to take care of your hands during summer

Often, women take care of their hands during the winter, as the skin becomes dry and irritated due to the cold. However, the skin of the hands is particularly exposed and must be protected during the summer. So how do you take care of your hands when it’s hot?

Gentle cleaning

Acting in prevention is essential, especially if you want to have beautiful hands without wrinkles. And that goes first and foremost through gentle and rigorous hygiene. Whenever you can, it is best to wash your hands with soap and water. Preferably use a mild soap and avoid washing them too often. For your hands, it is better to choose a soap enriched with shea butter, sweet almond or even cold-extracted oils. These products protect the skin from external aggressions and clean effectively. Finally, you should dry your hands gently.

Daily hydration

Hands should be moisturized daily with a suitable cream. From spring, it is preferable to choose a cream that protects against the sun and that contains a sun protection factor in order to keep beautiful hands without wrinkles. Applying a cream every day to the hands helps prevent brown spots caused by the sun or skin aging.

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Protect your hands

The hands, and in particular those of women, are daily exposed to products because of household chores. It is therefore advisable to put on gloves to wash your house or do the dishes. If you can’t stand the material of the protective gloves, you can also apply a barrier and occlusive cream, which allows water to flow to the surface of the skin.

Establish a beauty ritual for the hands

You can have a beauty routine for your hands. Weekly or monthly, pamper them. Start by soaking in lukewarm water. In this bath, you can add lemon or even a little oil to nourish the cuticles and whiten the nails. Then, make a gentle exfoliation on the whole of each hand. End up giving them a makeover with a creamy mask that you leave on for 15 minutes in cotton gloves.

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Take care of your nails

It’s not enough to have pretty hands, you also have to have beautiful nails. It is therefore recommended to file them regularly with a soft file so as not to weaken them. Also, it is necessary to push back the cuticles with the help of a wooden stick in order to promote good nail growth.

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