False nails, why is gel the best choice?

What woman doesn’t dream of having perfectly groomed hands and nails? Today women want to be original and creative, especially for their cherished nails. In this article, our Maryton nail supply will talk to you about gel false nails.

Why put on gel nails?

The gel protects the natural nails from external aggression and possible blows. Your nails are therefore strengthened. The gel has a rather viscous texture, each layer of which must be hardened under an LED or UV lamp. They will last up to 4 weeks if you give them a minimum of attention and regular maintenance. 

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What techniques with gel false nails?

Technique 1:

You can choose the nail shape you want, square, round, almond… Indeed, filing them without respecting their shape weakens them. If your nails are short, split or if you bite them, gel is your beauty ally. You will give your hands a real makeover by lengthening.

Technique 2:

To complete your manicure, adopt nail art. Pearls, rhinestones, gold leaf, piercings, drawings, tattoos… new processes are introduced regularly. Nail art is a real artistic discipline and almost all your desires are achievable. Make your nails real miniature works of art and assert your style with all kinds of fantasies.

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Technique 3:

Whether it’s for a specific occasion or for everyday life, gel false nails will keep their promises. It is necessary to prepare the nails well to optimize their hold. Your natural nails will, of course, continue to grow. It is for this reason that you can carry out a filling or a complete removal.

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