Nail art: Easter and pastels

The Easter bunny, decorated Easter eggs, chocolate…and why not Easter nails! Here is a very simple tutorial to create pretty Easter nails. Keep up with your nail supply expert Maryton.

The steps to Easter nails:

  • Apply a different color of pastel varnish on each nail, including a white nail.
  • On this nail, lay 3 strips of white tape with medium and larger spacing.
  • Apply pink polish on the base, yellow in the middle and purple on the end.
  • Don’t wait for the varnish to dry completely before removing the tape, at the risk of peeling off the varnish at the same time.
  • Using a dotting tool, make dots of blue varnish on the middle white part.
  • On another nail, make blue dots of different sizes.
  • Apply a layer of top coat for a shiny and durable finish!

So, do you want to have a try? What are you waiting for? Take action with your manicure sets!

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