The to-do list to earn more with nail services

Services related to nails would no longer make enough recipe, and highlighting them is no longer often topical! And yet, by combining good tricks and kicks on certain preconceived ideas, it is possible to make it as profitable an activity as the others.


Being the cheapest nail technician in town, however, is not the way to attract more customers or make money. Skillful salons know that price is what makes the difference between living properly from your business… or work long hours to balance his business with difficulty.

Always remember thatprofessionals charge what they are worth and that customers pay on merit. To charge a low price is in a way to imply that you yourself doubt the quality of your work.

To ensure that you attract customers willing to pay higher
prices, always think about: – Revealing the hidden side of low-cost services: non-regulatory or even illegal practice; products of poor quality, or even potentially toxic; questionable hygiene and sanitation measures; risks to the skin and nails…

– Share your business approach: expertise, well-being, a safe and healthy environment, quality of service.

– Highlight your differences and rely on specific facts: sterilization of tools, ultra-hygienic protocols, air filtration, choice of high quality products, advanced techniques,
training, comfort, exclusive care, services offered at no additional cost such as drinks…

Display this information through a charter posted on your website, a summary note on your care card, an article on your blog, social networks or your newsletter.

With this approach, you will prove that your rates are amply justified and legitimate.


In many institutes, the part of the care card dedicated to nails is sorely lacking in color. Nothing extraordinary or exciting
in all this: immobility at best, flight elsewhere at worst.

How to give a lively and original approach to your nail services? – Find a specialization,guarantee of superior quality and differentiation

– Create “homemade” protocols according to the concept of your institute, or the client
with whom you dream of working: fun and unprecedented for young people addicted to the latest trends, sharp and fast for a neat man…

– Sell ephemeral services In winter, for example, a simple traditional hand or foot treatment can turn into a real “cocooning experience”. In the summer version, on the other hand, the experience will be 100% “cool”: sensations of freshness and fun approach will attract the attention of your customers.

– Offer optional mini-treatments: additional massage time on the hands and feet, reflexology, a specific anti-aging mask or dry skin, an anti-callus care, a paraffin bath…

In any case, also make sure that the description of the care is attractive.


Varnish is pretty, but it’s also a real concentrate of chemistry! The “eco-friendly” trend is however reshuffling the cards: customers are looking for a natural alternative… And green on the nails is no longer just a possible varnish color: it’s an approach for which customers are willing to pay more.

Demonstrate pedagogy

Even if the word natural has become a selling point that weighs heavily, it is not a magic formula that will trigger, on its own, an increase in the amount of “nail” benefits. It will therefore be necessary to twist the neck to prejudices, explain, reassure, prove by testimonies.

Monitor overall consistency

Remember an essential element: today, there is no longer a powerful natural approach without authenticity. Customers give their attention, trust and purchases to companies that are consistent with the values they display.

This implies that we must find alternatives to keep only non-controversial ingredients on ALL products and consumables, limit waste, recycle, have eco-responsible practices in terms of layout, decoration, management, sales, management …


However, in terms of services on the nails, the universe is generally less neat than in a beautiful ultra-comfortable cabin; noise, sensations and smells can be unpleasant…
To transform the approach and bring a little magic to it, you can, for example:

– work the environment in such a way that it is as relaxing as possible: zen atmosphere, soft lighting, serene colors, ultra-comfort of the seat, wellness drinks or personalized teas …,

– implement a concept that invites total disconnection and deep rejuvenation. While the technician takes care of the nails, the client can, for example, learn to breathe, release tensions, by following a meditation program via a headset and an MP3 player.
Always keep in mind that the customer experience is also and above

By identifying frustrations, you will be able to learn, correct mistakes, anticipate the expectations of your customers, and prepare a sublime experience dedicated to nails!

For a better experience, keep this “learning and training” approach… but, in addition to the technique, add a “customer relationship” module for the whole team.


Know-How and Know-How

The most successful beauticians in nails have understood that mastering the art of communication is essential. You have to think big: the Internet and social networks will do the trick. To be spotted and recognized is to guarantee a well-filled notebook … and
a cash drawer ready to sound good.

Always keep in mind that it will be necessary to work together on four pillars:

• Visibility, multiply channels such as a website, different social accounts, launch subscriber recruitment campaigns by sponsored publications, set up a newsletter system…

• The Authority, create a blog in which you give expert advice.

• Seduction: you have to think about what will cause a crush on your work: your brand identity, a photo gallery provided with all your latest creations, the ability to produce different content, inspiring and emotional can help you.

• Conversion: Add a call-to-action button after each post or an online booking service makes it easier, for example, for the customer to take action.

Attractive photos

• Be creative: the realization, but also the décor and accessories must be inspiring!

• Remain authentic: if the cuticles are too red, too oiled or the result is not extraordinary, we wait or improve… but we avoid retouching, filters, and Photoshop!

• Mark your identity: making a montage where you insert the name of the institute and the social account is a way to keep the exclusivity of your work and to be spotted.

To earn more with nails, relying on luck to fix things is not the ideal solution! On the other hand, you can decide to take matters into your own hands and with this To-do list, you even know how to do it. The best is offered to you to “win” ruby on the nail!

We recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails before applying any kind of decoration.

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