How often to apply a semi-permanent nail polish?

It is said that the hands are the reflection of our image and our personality. To beautify the nails, the semi-permanent varnish is one of the very popular techniques. Let’s take a tour of this method and see together how often to apply a semi-permanent nail polish.

When you put on a semi-permanent varnish, know that your nails are smothered for a fortnight. They are under 4 coats of varnish during this time. For this reason, this type of varnish is not recommended on damaged or weakened nails. When you want to remove it, you must follow the previous steps or go to an institute.

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After removing a semi-permanent varnish, it is advisable to let the nails breathe for a few days or even a few weeks between each manicure. It is also advisable to take a break after two or three successive poses of semi-permanent varnish. This avoids weakening the nails.

We must take good care of our hands. You can opt for a simple manicure kit that only includes files, nail buffer blocks, and a cuticle pusher.

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