How do you apply semi-permanent organic nail polish?

To beautify the hands, semi-permanent nail polish is the perfect ally. In addition to its more or less unpleasant smell, the semi-permanent nail polish contains chemicals that could be harmful to health. However, semi-permanent organic nail polishes don’t have such troubles. Today, your nail supply expert Maryton will tell you how to apply semi-permanent organic nail polish. Let’s go around!

The application of organic semi-permanent nail polish follows the same approach as that of traditional semi-permanent nail polish. Just use the nail accessories provided in the complete manicure kit, to prepare the nails well. Then, you have to file them, clean them, push back the cuticles and move on to the actual laying of the varnish. Depending on the organic semi-permanent varnish you have chosen, you must apply one or two coats of varnish.

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Of course, drying with the LED lamp remains necessary. Once this is done, you must remove the oily layer remaining on the nail using a cotton pad soaked in cleaner. As for the removal, it is done with a soft solvent without acetone and cottons, a light friction to remove your varnish. No more long and aggressive filings for your nails.

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