The monochrome manicure: one color, several options

Each season has its – or its – manicure trends. The latest fad of those who like to color their nails? The monochrome manicure. Available in the same color on each nail while varying the shades? The idea is to choose a different shade of varnish for each nail by varying the shades around the same base color. Blue, purple, pink, yellow, green… anything goes!

How to do a monochrome manicure?

Method 1: fastest and most expensive

It’s simple, you just have to choose a color. Then select 5 varnishes of this color whose shade varies slightly: if you opt for blue you can go from pale sky blue to gray blue through royal blue etc. But you can also add gray. For a successful effect, opt for 5 varnishes with similar results.

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Method 2: patience and economy

To achieve a monochrome manicure, you will need a colored varnish and a white varnish. Make the first nail with the raw color. Then, place a few drops of colored varnish on a support, add a few drops of white varnish, mix with a varnish brush until you obtain the desired shade. Repeat the operation 4 times to create 4 different shades… and apply one to each nail!

OK! Now that you have known the things of monochrome manicure, bring your manicure kit and start your manicure trip quickly! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have nail tools. We have everything all you need in Maryton nail supply.

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