The American manicure is a must this season

When it comes to nail art, detail is king. And if the French was until today the must of minimalism, it is now dethroned by its variation: the American manicure! In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you the American manicure.

American manicure VS french manicure: the battle

Even if it is less famous than the French, the American manicure dates from the 1990s. But what is the difference between these two techniques? To begin with, this method aims to adapt the base of the varnish to each skin tone. Made with more subtle tones than the French, or even with a transparent base, the American manicure tries to magnify the original color of the nail.

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In addition to its base, the edge of the nails is also painted in a color less intense than the white chosen for the French. Fans of the American manicure will thus more readily opt for cream, beige or even light brown to pimp their nails.

Why do we like American Manicure?

For its very natural appearance and close to the initial color of the nail. Overall, the followers of this technique are often people who want to work on their natural nails and avoid too heavy poses. All lengths can wear the American manicure.

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How to adopt the American manicure?

If you want to adopt this new trend, all you have to do is apply a neutral base after having previously pushed back the cuticles and having filed your nails to be able to give them the shape you want.

Apply the neutral shade all over the nail, including the white. Once this first layer has dried, draw the “smile” of your nails using a special French brush or a nail art brush by first dipping it in the varnish of the color you have chosen.

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