How to remove semi-permanent varnish at home?

Shiny, snag-free polish. This is the promise of the gel or semi-permanent manicure. If it’s held perfectly, removing it alone can be a real ordeal: you can’t just apply nail polish remover and hope it goes away. Here’s how to remove the product effectively while avoiding damaging the nails.

1. Remove semi-permanent varnish at home: gently sand

The first step is to take a polisher and very lightly sand the surface of the nails. The goal is to remove some material and allow the solvent work more effectively. Warning: you must do it gently, at the risk of damaging the nail and the cuticles.

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2. Remove semi-permanent varnish at home: wrap your fingers

To get the nail polish off, there’s nothing like nail polish remover with acetone. Put the cotton on the nail and wrap the tip of your finger with the aluminum foil. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes, then gently remove them. If the varnish is still there, you can use a small wooden stick to scrape lightly so that the layer of varnish comes off and pull.

3. Remove semi-permanent varnish at home: nourish the nails

Once cleared of the varnish, the top layer of the nail is dried up and its end is sometimes brittle. You can use castor oil, which will give it strength and vigor. In any case, the nails will need to be cared for every day with the professional manicure kits.

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