7 mistakes we all make when getting our nails done

Prepare your nails, apply the varnish, apply the top coat… Do you think you have mastered the manicure on your fingertips? However, some errors are still common. All our tips for perfect nails in this article.

1. Cut your cuticles

This small skin at the base of the nail is very fragile. By cutting it, you risk infection. Just moisturize it with a drop of nourishing oil and push it back very gently with a wooden stick.

2. Do not apply base

We often skip the base step to go straight to applying the varnish. Not only does the varnish risk holding less well, but you also risk yellowing your nails.

3. File your nails back and forth

By filing your nails from right to left, you promote their duplication. Always file them in the same direction to avoid damaging them.

4. Apply varnish to oily nails

Before applying the varnish, make sure your hands are perfectly dry and your nails are free of oily substances. Save this hydrating step for a nail-free day.

5. Applying too many coats of varnish

wipe the brush well before applying and stretch the material well on the nail. Two coats of color are enough for an optimal result.

6. Fluidify your varnish with solvent

Add a little nail polish remover to bring your varnish back to life which is too dry and pasty. The texture is more liquid, but the rendering is less shiny and much less resistant.

7. Use a cotton swab to catch the burrs

Not only are cotton swabs not environmentally friendly, but they can also damage your manicure by leaving fibers behind. Prefer a lip brush that you dip in the remover and apply on the failures.

As shown above, be sure to watch out next time when starting your nail tour with your professional manicure kits! If you want to know more about nail beauty products, please take a look at our Maryton website.

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