How to file your nails carefully with an electric nail file?

As we all know, the advent of electric nail files makes filing nails easier. But you also need to be careful to avoid damaging your nails. In this article, we will tell you how to file your nails carefully with an electric nail file. Just keep reading!

For a UV gel or resin nail, create the shape with the cylindrical diamond tip, for the acrylic technique, use the carbide tip instead. However, if you use a carbide tip on a UV gel or resin technique, you risk crumbling or removing too large a layer of the product in question.

Before shaping the nail, a few precautions should be taken:

  • Always be careful not to touch the natural nail when leveling the covering.
  • Always make a continuous movement from the right end to the left end, do not go in both directions.
  • After each movement, raise the tip to prevent the effect of heat.

Start with the cuticle area and adapt the thickness of the covering to avoid the nail being too thick when growing back. Then, make a nice domed effect in the center of the nail to create the stress point. Finish with the tip of the nail, taking care not to thin it too much, you still don’t want your nails to break prematurely!

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