Avoid anything that threatens your nails

Like our hair, our nails are made up of 90% keratin, a rigid (but also fragile) protein produced by the nail matrix located at their base and protected by our cuticles. But in our daily life, the nails are often exposed to numerous factors likely to weaken them. Today, the nail expert Maryton will tell you how to avoid anything that threatens your nails.

As “prevention is better than cure”, here are some risky situations that should be avoided:

  • Exposing your nails to chemicals or aggressive products (found in household or DIY cleaners, for example) can damage your nails. Protect them with gloves, or opt for gentle, natural and non-toxic formulas.
  • Over-exposing them to humidity can also make them soft and/or dry. On the contrary, Prolonged contact with water or too frequent washing can make them soft and fragile.
  • Biting your nails is definitely not a good idea. In addition to the unsightly side, this bad habit makes them more fragile, can deform them and increases the risk of injuries or infections. Better to find other ways to manage your stress!
  • Filing your nails is good, but not just any way. For all those who are easy to file, be careful of back and forth and poorly suited tools. Above all, with a specific file for natural nails, with suitable grains and especially in one direction to avoid splitting them and weakening them.
  • Combining classic semi-permanent applications and acetone removals, we know it is risky, firstly because the risk of allergies is proven, then because acetone dissolves the layer of fat which naturally protects the nail plate and considerably weakens them.

Hoping that this article has pleased you and will give you ideas! In addition, I recommend investing in some professional manicure sets to care for your hands.

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