Strengthen your nails: instructions for use

We are not all equal when it comes to the condition and health of our nails. Nail hardener, moisturizers, food supplements then become our best allies to strengthen them. We are going to detail you the best way to make your nails stronger. Ready to strengthen your nails?

Care for and strengthen your nails

To adjust the length, prefer the nail file to the nail clipper which breaks the material. A very important tip on this subject: Always file in the same direction in order to close the scales of your nails. And to make them stronger and more resistant you will file your nails at least once a week.

Particular attention should be paid to the cuticles, these small skins surrounding the nail. Their essential role is to prevent bacteria from getting lodged between the nail and the skin by forming a protective veil. Healthy nails therefore often require healthy cuticles. The best is to massage them with oil or your special hand and nail cream. Then, push them back with a wooden stick.

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Nourish and strengthen your nails

Your nails being composed mainly of keratin, you will target its constituents in your diet, by eating:

  • iron (red meat, egg yolks, lentils, tofu, etc.),
  • zinc (fish oysters, etc.),
  • vitamin B (vegetables and dried fruits, cereals, etc.).

In case of deficiency, you can take food supplements to boost your nails. And note that our friends the bees also work for us: you can start a cure of pollen or royal jelly, which will strengthen your nails, but also your whole body.

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Protect them: good daily habits

Protecting your nails in all seasons. Know that you abuse your nails every day, if only by washing your hands: they suffer, soften, split and finally break. We will obviously not advise you not to wash your hands but to protect them as soon as possible with gloves.

In winter, avoid too hot water, in the shower or in baths that are too long: prolonged contact with hot water will weaken your nails. In summer, beware of UV rays and chlorine from swimming pools, which will also damage them.

OK! Now that you have known how to strengthen your nails, take your manicure supplies and into action! Moreover, to discover more nail products to care for your  nails just click our Matyton nail supply.

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