How to choose your varnish color?

Every time we want to buy a new nail polish, it takes a while to think, which color do we want to choose?Is this color right for us? Now your expert nail supplier Maryton will teach you how to choose your nail polish color.

1. Skin tone

Indeed, each complexion corresponds to a panoply of specific colors.

  • Clear skin with some redness: Favor the use of a nude color such as gray beige. This color reduces the redness of the skin.
  • Clear skin: You can afford anything. But, a natural pink will enhance your hands.
  • Matt or black complexion: I recommend a beige slightly apricot or with a small yellow tip. This color will sublimate your hands.

2. The season

  • For the summer: For fair or tanned hands, I recommend a red-orange varnish. On the other hand, when you have black skin, you can afford everything; fuchsia colors: blue, yellow, green, orange.
  • For winter: For light hands, darker colors such as red, black, purple or gray will suit you better. For matte or tanned hands, colors such as bright red or classic red will suit you perfectly. For dark or black skin, a deep purple or dark red will look elegant.
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3. Style

  • For a simple everyday style: For every day, apply a light color: beige, pink or even transparent. These nude colors go perfectly with all the colors of your outfits and therefore you will not have to change nail color every day.
  • For an evening: For an evening and with a beautiful black dress, opt for lacquered red with all its nuances. If you want to look glamorous and classy, use a dark red. For a rather sexy and attractive look, opt for burgundy red or poppy red.
  • For a casual party: For a party look, use a bright red. You can even afford to use flashy or glitter varnish. On the other hand, for the sequined varnish, whether it is silver, gold or mixed, try to reduce the number of jewels worn.

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