Semi-permanent varnish, an ideal service for quickly beautifying nails

Semi-permanent varnish is a varnish that comes in the form of a fluid gel, and it needs to be dried under an LED or UV lamp. Several layers are put on the nails, after a preparation phase with the professional manicure sets: the base, the color and the top coat. This way, the semi-permanent varnish does not flake and the finish is shiny.

The first advantage of semi-permanent varnish, compared to applying false gel nails, is the application time. In around thirty minutes, the service is completed, so installation is quick. On the other hand, removing semi-permanent varnish is easier and faster than removing artificial nails.

Semi-permanent varnish is suitable for women who have a more limited budget for beautifying their nails, because the service is more affordable. It is possible to create nail art designs with semi-permanent varnish, but these will be rather simple and will depend on the size of your client’s natural nails. So, it is perfect for active and busy people.

On the downside, semi-permanent varnish can be damaged a little faster than gel false nails, since the thicknesses are fewer. Furthermore, the nail art possibilities remain limited. Semi-permanent varnish does not allow you to make nail extensions, you therefore must be satisfied with their natural length.

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