How to remove polygel nails with oil and soap?

Polygel nails are one of the best nail innovations. They look amazing, are very easy to use and very durable. Today, your nail supply specialist Maryton will tell you how to remove a Polygel nail with oil and soap in this blog.

This technique is particularly desired if your manicure is old or worn. To do this, you will need the following products:

  • Oil.
  • Detergent or shower gel.
  • A bowl of hot water.
  • A cuticle pusher.
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Dual-ended Multi Functions Pointy and Oblique Cuticle Pusher

The method is simple:

  • Slightly lift the edges of your gel nail with the cuticle pusher. This will allow the oil/water mixture to penetrate more easily.
  • Mix oil, detergent and very hot water.
  • Soak your nails in the mixture for 15 minutes. If that’s not enough to remove the Polygel, keep them in the mix for a few more minutes.

OK! I believe this method will not cause damage to the nails. Besides, I advise you to invest in a complete manicure set to care for your nails!

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