What are the most popular manicure trends?

Although it may be a detail for you, your nails say a lot about your personality. This is therefore a step not to be forgotten. Always give yourself some time for nail care. In this blog, your nail supply expert Maryton will tell you the most popular manicure trends. 

The manicure

Besides nail care, a beautiful color, pattern or shape will be an added value. For example, glitter and stickers are an excellent choice for easily embellishing nails.  


Nail polishes are available in all colors. Bright colors are trendy and this year, it’s green that wins! So try applying a different, bright color to each finger.

Pastel shades such as mauve, blue or pink should not be missing this summer. And what about mirror effect nails? Mirror effect chrome nails reflect the sunlight beautifully and are available in silver and dark purple.

Nude nails also remain in the running. Creamy, brown or pink, there is something for everyone. Your fingers will also seem thinner, longer.

The form

We talked about color, patterns, stickers etc. but the shape of the nail also plays an important role. Square nails are a real classic, but why not try the almond nail, slightly filed at the tip, but with an oval tip.

In order to care for your nails, I advise you to invest in a complete manicure kit

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