The matching mismatched manicure: top or flop?

Mixing blue with silver, bright red with gold, or even wearing a different color on each finger… does that shock you? Yet it is a trend that is resurfacing, in several forms. A mismatched manicure… but ultimately totally matching! Follow us and we will tell you all everything!

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The artsy trend

A color of varnish on each finger… it’s not really topical anymore! It is necessary to turn. A beautiful deep blue, with a single silver nail, or three rosegold-colored nails and two with liberty patterns… or even graphic nails that are different from each other, but very well combined. We opt for color symmetry, a choice of shades that match… and a lot of creativity!

The funky trend

A variation of one color on all the nails of the hand: we love it! A tangy pink that transforms into a powdery pink with the nails, or a lovely nude declined in shades… it’s charming and easy to wear.

A color on each hand in two-color mix & match: that’s not bad! The good idea: combine the right colors. Red and pink, blue and green, chocolate with nude, pastel colors…

OK! Are you already impressed with the mismatched manicure? Take your manicure supplies into action! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have manicure tools. We have everything all you need in Maryton supply.

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