Why do feet stink?

The cause of foot odor depends mainly on a group of bacteria that feeds on dead cells, grease and dirt that form between the fingers and other skin bacteria that give sweat an unpleasant odor.

Sometimes solving the problem is easier than you think, just a few precautions are enough during our daily life! There are Some useful tips on foot care:

1) Dry your toes thoroughly after washing your feet. Humidity creates an ideal environment for the proliferation of microorganisms.

2) Carefully take care of the hygiene of this area. If you sweat profusely, do it several times a day.

3) Wash your footwear frequently. You should always have a clean shoe change suitable and change your socks regularly!

Natural remedies for foot odor

Sometimes normal hygiene rules are not enough. There are many deodorants and perfumed creams available on the market to tackle the problem in the best possible way. But to save some money and avoid the usual chemicals, I have thought of five very useful natural remedies for you:

1) vinegar. Both that of wine and that of apples are equally valid. You will need a part dissolved in two water to make your “anti-stink” foot bath;

2) salt, fine or coarse does not matter. Two tablespoons will suffice in your pedicure basin;

3) bicarbonate. Also in this case, a couple of spoons are sufficient for washing the feet. To neutralize bad smells, pure bicarbonate (without water) is also excellent in socks or shoes as a sort of deodorant;

4) black tea. If you choose this remedy, you will have to put two sachets in a cup of boiling water, then add it to the water in your bowl;

5) sage. This shrub is an excellent antibacterial; to cleanse your feet, leave two twigs to infuse in the water for a few moments for your foot bath.

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