Semipermanent Feet in 7 Steps

Do you believe that? Only in 7 steps, you will have perfect feet, and the gel polish will last longer, seeing is believing. But what are these seven steps for top feet and nail polish?

1- Soft skin operation

The first thing to do to get perfect feet and to show off, with the latest fresh nail polish color, is to take care of the skin, and soften it. Therefore, it is better to prepare a bath with hot water, coarse salt or bicarbonate, and soak your feet for at least 10 minutes. In the meantime, you can already choose the fashion color to wear.

2- Scrub to exfoliate:

After making the skin softer, the feet are dried well and proceed with the second step: exfoliation. With a pedicure set, dead cells and skin are eliminated, after months and months of dullness and woolen socks. The scrub must be applied and massaged with circular movements, dosing the pressure and speed, and then rinsed with warm water.

3- Smooth the skin

A bath with hot water and lavender oil will certainly make this operation simple, even at home. In the beauty center, the operator will be equipped with many professional tools, while for a do-it-yourself pedicure you can recover an old pumice stone, very useful against corns and calluses to be smoothed.

4- Nail care

The toenails, especially if it is the first treatment after many months of neglect, must be cut short, and carefully filed. Better to choose the square shape, to allow our nails to grow at their best, and to make them uniform. The file to be preferred is the one in cardboard, disposable or sterile.

5- Pay attention to the cuticles

Just like for a manicure, a successful pedicure also takes care of the cuticles: it is applied, with a light massage, a cuticle oil, and then they are gently pushed back with the help of an orange wood stick. for the care of cuticles and the skin around the nails

6- Nourish thoroughly

A fast-absorbing moisturizer is spread all over the foot, starting from the toe and moving towards the ankles. In the beauty center you can also choose to customize your cream, starting from a neutral base and adding essential oils of your choice, including relaxing lavender, softening rosehip, energizing lemon and mandarin, or draining green tea.

7- In full color!

Semi-permanent nail polish is more delicate than gel nails, and therefore less resistant and long-lasting. The colors, just like for the semi-permanent mani. In summer, the most recommended are white, coral and gold, if you are already tanned. Otherwise, green light to the imagination! The fashion colors of this season are green, electric blue, purple …

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