Removal of acrygel with semi-permanent varnish

If you choose to apply a semi-varnish or permanent varnish over an acrylic gel topcoat, the removal process will be similar to removing UV gel nail polish. Today, your nail supply expert Maryton will tell you some useful steps. Let’s go around!

Here are steps for removing acrygel with semi-permanent varnish:

  • To start, oil the nails and fingers with Vaseline or with special oil, to protect them from the irritation of the removal products.
  • Then, wrap the nails in cotton soaked in acetone. Then wrap everything in aluminum foil.
  • Leave the product to act for 30 minutes before removing the aluminum foil and the cotton.
  • Then, file the capsule and the synthetic nail until there is nothing left.
  • Dust and disinfect.
  • Reapply a nourishing product that will act as a nail care product.

Take care when handling acetone. It is a flammable product that can burn on contact with a source of fire. Therefore, make sure to stay away from the fire while applying the acetone. In addition, you should prepare your nails with professional manicure kits before removing them.


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